Below are some videos shot by friends, fans, and the always awesome 1st person views from the drum riser! Check back often for new and exciting videos!  Be sure to visit, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel, just click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right of each video or on the bottom of the page and you’re there!! 

Carrie Underwood acoustic
Little V doing her thing
We gave the Telecaster and PRS electric guitars the day off and rocked it out with a 2 hour acoustic set. Thanks to Vanessa Provenzale for jumping on stage with her old band to sing some Little
“Making my way back to Cleveland...” Awesome video sent to us from a fan last night at Shooters. 😎
Supposed to end at 1 but y’all said “not tonight!!” 5 hour Post Road party last night!
Gaaaawds Country with some Dobro guitar
Andrew tears up some Eric Church. Was an insane night at Shooters On The Water 🤪. Kept the party going til 2am. Beautiful night. Thanks to all of you who made it all memorable!
Local Tavern Willoughby Hills - great patio, great staff, great party with Post Road last week. Here’s some Miranda Lambert music that adopted a Spanish feel as we left the electric guitars at
Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats - Here’s a song that really shouldn’t work in an unplugged format but it seemed to groove for us on this night. Love the unplanned break that Vogrin snuck in
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Andrew Krakowski steps in on lead vocal while Shawn and Sarah provide the backing vocal support.
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