Below are some videos shot by friends, fans, and the always awesome 1st person views from the drum riser! Check back often for new and exciting videos!  Be sure to visit, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel, just click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right of each video or on the bottom of the page and you’re there!! 

1 day ago
Over My Head

We're all itching to bring the band back together but we're forced to keep waiting. In the meantime I'm keeping my guitar fingers loosened up for the day we return. Here's my cover of a Fleetwood ... See more

6 days ago

We’re in need of some positive vibes 🙌 thread below a picture from a Post Road show you were at!

1 week ago
Post Road Country-Anything But Mine

Seems like forever ago that we could all get together on a Friday and Saturday night in Cleveland and do this . . .

1 week ago

Never before seen backstage in the green room before the 2016 Hardrock Live show

1 week ago

Miss Post Road? Trust me, we miss you guys too!!

Steve did a great version of "New Kid In Town" yesterday, here's a little "Bass-play-along" of one of our favorite tunes to play, Devil Went Down To ... See more

1 week ago

Been watching all kinds of incredible videos by fellow musicians recording in their living rooms. Thought it was time to give this a try myself. Here's my arrangement of New Kid In Town.

1 week ago

Message received from fans overseas who are letting Post Road music help them through this time. We ❤️ our fans and can’t wait to see you live and in person! #postroadcountry #godspeed ... See more

1 week ago

4 months after this video was shot rehearsals started for a new band that would be called Post Road.

2 weeks ago

We will all get through this together!!

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