Below are some videos shot by friends, fans, and the always awesome 1st person views from the drum riser! Check back often for new and exciting videos!  Be sure to visit, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel, just click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right of each video or on the bottom of the page and you’re there!! 

We had so much fun last night we had to post just one more song. Still recovering from all the fun we had. Looking forward to the next show!
Becoming a favorite to play live. Hope you like it as much as we like playing it.
It was a Panini’s party for sure! Thank you all for such a great night.
Sarah’s cousin is on leave from the Marines. Thank you for your service, Grant. And thank you to all our military, police and fire. You help make our country great!
What a night at Willoughby Brewing. The energy and the crowd was unstoppable. Thank you!! Check out this clip of Devil Went Down To Georgia - Zac Brown Band style. This tempo is pure adrenaline!!!
What a fun night!!
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